25 November 2019


In order to participate in the Project, the candidates submit the required documents in the electronic recruitment system, including:

  • Description of their motivation to participate in the project (a field in the recruitment form);
  • The proposed programme for improving one’s own competences as part of the selected form of support (a field in the recruitment form);
  • Planned practical implementation of the acquired competences (a field in the recruitment form);
  • In the case of Ph.D. candidates, a short letter from the scientific supervisor confirming the close relationship between the planned activity and the doctoral dissertation (scan) being prepared.

The Office of Science makes a formal assessment of the submitted applications. The candidate’s belonging to the target group is verified (in particular the age criterion up to 40 years of age), as well as the completeness of the submitted documentation.

The substantive evaluation of the applications is made by the Competition Commission (CC) appointed by the Vice-Rector for Science. The Competition Commission includes:

  • Professor Michał Rogoż, Ph.D., Vice-Rector for Research, CC head;
  •  Professor Mariusz Wołos, Ph.D.;
  •  Professor Tomasz Szemberg, Ph.D., Project coordinator;
  •  Professor Alicja Panasiewicz, Ph.D., CC member;
  •  Jakub Kabat, M.A., representing the Ph.D. candidates;
  •  Karolina Strużycka, M.A., representing the Office of Science.

CC makes a substantive assessment of applications by awarding points for the following:

  • motivation to participate in the Project;
  • a developed programme on how to improve the candidate’s own competences;
  • developed practical use of the competences.

In case of academic staff, additional points will be awarded to the persons involved in the education of Ph.D. candidates.

In the recruitment process there are two ranking lists according to the gender. The weak applications, which do not receive at least 60% of the possible number of points, will be rejected regardless of the availability of places in the project.

All applications that receive the minimum number of the required points will be subject to voting by the CC before the final approval. The decisions are taken according to an ordinary majority of votes in the presence of at least half of the CC members. With an equal number of votes, the Chairman’s vote is the decisive one. The CC meets at least once a month throughout the duration of the Project.

See: Regulations of the recruitment and participation in the Project

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